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A More Work on Portraits

I got a two more sittings Richard Portrait. One hour each.  I have been working on some illustrations so not so much time for the portraits at the moment. [nggallery id=11]

A Change of Scene

This time of year the Nanny always floods.. so we get a change of scene.. I looks very mysterious when the fog comes in over it. Also in the evening if you have a clear night.  Here are some pictures of the changing weather from the front of the house. The mist has...

Portraits, Work in Progress

Here are two portraits I am working on at the moment. Sophie sat for about 3 and a half hours and my son Richard was home sick from school so he got painted.  Planning to do more work on both. [nggallery id=10]

Artwork, Portraits

Artiest in residence Sadhbh McElveen (no we don’t really have an “Artiest in residence” title) gives her perspective of the life of a working artiest. Most of my time spent in Annesbrook should be spent in the studio. Not being quite as disciplined as I should...