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About two years ago a colony of Rooks (Corvus frugilegus) adopted Annesbrook. We now have a very large rookery in the trees beside the house, the Annesbrook Rookery. It is quite a site to see several hundred Rooks circle around the house and woods for an hour or so before they settle down for the evening. Rooks being a social bird they make quite a noise, we made a short recording of them this summer. You can get a sense of the noise level and chat that is going on.

The Annesbrook Rookery

It would be interesting to know where they came from and why they decided on Annesbrook. There are a couple if theories. There was a change to their original  habitat so the rookery need some where else to live. Perhaps the original rookery got to big and some of them had to find accomidation else where. Whatever the reason they are a welcome addition to Annesbrook and long many they stay.


On the subject of birds. Our own feathered friend the Jackdaw Caw was eventually naturalised . It was a slow process Caw came and went from the house for a couple of weeks the process was a slow one but eventually Caw decided to stay outside. We hope he/she is doing well.