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Ionac space at Annesbrook presents

Vin Yinaudi – Yoga workshop

Price: €35

Sunday June 11 2017

Workshop starts at: 2 – 4 pm

Refreshments: 1:30pm

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Come join us in Annesbrook on Sunday June 11th for a yoga workshop in the beautiful banqueting hall.

What is ‘Ionic Space’ ?

Ionic Space is a Yoga venue based in our historic banqueting hall of Annesbrook. Yoga with Stucco ceilings!

What is Vin Yin?

Yoga practitioners of all levels can enjoy a sense of wholeness and fulfilment, through the side-by-side practice (1 hour of each) of the heat driven ‘yang’ Vin(yasa) practice and the restorative magic of a still, meditative ‘Yin’ yoga practice.

What is Vin Yinaudi?

An afternoon of Yoga and live piano music by two experienced yoga teachers.

Music by Ludovico Einaudi performed by Grace Tempany and Aoife Moriarty creates a real time musically responsive Yoga experience.

Aoife teaches the ‘Vin’ segment while Grace performs music from ‘Islands’. Grace teaches the candlelit Yin sequence while Aoife performs ‘In A Time Lapse’. The musician’s receptiveness to the Yoga teacher and pace of the class is the unique factor.


Brought together through a shared love of Yoga and Music, secondary school teachers Grace and Aoife met while working in Mount Anville Secondary School in Goatstown, Dublin in 2010.

Aoife is a lecturer in Home Economics at St Angela’s College, Co Sligo, and has been a health educator for twenty years. As part of the college’s initiative to maintain their Amber Flag for mental health, she teaches hatha/vinyasa yoga classes to staff and students there.

Fresh from visiting 40 studios across the southern hemisphere, Bikram and Yin yoga specialist Grace Tempany (Mysan Sidbo, Sarah Powers, and Josh Summers trained) considers continual learning one of the cornerstones of her teaching and practice. Grace’s yin yoga teaching stems from a strong awareness of anatomical singularities and meridian theory, coupled with a deep focus on cultivating mindfulness in her students. She has always had a keen interest in meditation and sat her first 10-day vipassana in Tasmania March 2016 and her second in March 2017.

Where does the music come in?

Grace has a Diploma in Piano Performance and a degree in Music and French from Trinity college.

Aoife is a songwriter, is classically trained in the piano and has an MA in Music Technology from UL.

Press for Aoife’s album ‘Dolls & Jigsaws’ (2009)

an arresting slice of smart coffee table pop The Sunday Times

highly accomplished quirky pop gem, Colm O’Hare, Hotpress review, 4/5

She writes with intelligence and wit, and her beautiful hook-laden songs pull no punches, Sunday News of the World.

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